Updates for Everyone!

Hey! We’re now at 18 member numbers purchased!
Welcome back Warren Lincoln K-8 with 2 DI and a RS team! (10/23)

The return of Summit Academy Youngstown Second for a second year! (10/12)

2 Additional Youngstown teams – 1 DI & 1 RS! (10/01)

More TM’s registered for the training scheduled for 11/10 at ITT-Youngstown. So is it just me that thinks it weird that all TMs so far are from Howland?

Talked a teacher at Poland and parent at Girard Prospect about the program.

FYI- we have marketing materials available if you want to give something “official” and professionally produced to introduce parents or school faculty to the program.

Finally, the Board meeting for November has been moved to the 2nd Tuesday. So far no complaints about the new meeting night.