Region 1 Tournament

March 14, 2020

Youngstown State University

All documents are PDF files unless noted otherwise. You will need Adobe Reader to open these files.  (Get Adobe)   If your browser won’t open the file, right mouse click and save the file to your computer. If you have any trouble downloading these documents, please contact the webmaster.

Destination Imagination Program Rules

Please refer to the Rules of the Road and TravelGuide for Teams for overall Program rules and regulations and to your specific Challenge for details.

Region 1 and YSU Rules are outlined below.

Need Challenge Clarifications?

Destination Imagination Challenge Clarifications –  DI Website (Click!)  Follow DI on facebook and twitter and you will be alerted when a new Published Clarification is posted.

Pre Tournament Challenge Site Visitation – Friday, March 13, 2020

On Friday, March 13th between 5 – 6 pm, teams may visit the performance areas in Kilcawley and Beeghly Center. CM’s and other Tournament staff will be setting up the areas, but all doors will be locked at 6 pm by YSU. No teams will be permitted in DeBartolo Hall on Friday Night. District Coordinators, please be sure your teams are aware of this.

No teams will be permitted in DeBartolo Hall on Friday Night.

District Coordinators please be sure your teams are aware of this.

Additional Downloads for Teams

Information Sheet for Families and Friends (Click!)
This is a sheet you can fill out and copy to give to all of your supporters so when they come to our tournament they can take it to an information desk and be directed to your performance. Here are generic nametags for you to download: Name Tags (Click!) You can of course, make your own name tags. You might ask… why do we need name tags? Well, if an appraiser sees you do something creative or in the Spirit of DI they need to know your name in order to nominate you for an award. Remember to put your FULL NAME and team ID NUMBER on your tags. These tag are set up to print on Avery labels #5383.

Tournament Day

Your Arrival at YSU


Cost : $5 per vehicle 

M70 Lot, M60 Garage (Fifth Avenue) and M30 Garage (Wick Avenue) will be open. Please see the maps page for suggested parking.

Check In

Teams are asked to stop in at the information desk at Kilcawley to pick up a packet that will contain a program and other important information. If you are running late, please don’t panic, this can be done when you get a chance. 

Loading Zones

Please do not leave cars parked in any loading or prop drop zones so that others may also use the area. Limit your time in the prop drop areas to 10 minutes.

Arrival at Challenges

Your team should plan to arrive at your main challenge prep area at least 20 minutes prior to your performance time. This will allow time for you to be interviewed by the prep area appraiser. The Technical  and Engineering Challenges have specific check in instructions per their challenge documents.

Please don’t bring props into the building earlier unless your Main Challenge and IC are too close in time on the schedule to avoid doing so.

Arrival at IC

Please  arrive at DeBartolo Hall for your Instant Challenge at least 20 minutes prior to your IC time so you can be checked in and escorted to a holding room.

Instant Challenge (IC) Rules

  1. Please plan to be at the IC site 20 minutes prior to your scheduled start time.
  2. Per Rules of the Road, only one adult (over 18) team manager may go into the IC secured area. OKC ACM has suggested this be the Team Manager of record (i.e. one of the managers listed on your team’s paperwork.)
  3. As done in previous years, and at State and Globals, we will be only admitting student team members to the chill room (if we have a chill room). Thank You for your help and cooperation
  4. Please be aware of this new and more strict rule for IC under 6.a of IC in the RotR:
    a. The team or Team Manager may not bring any devices, including but not limited to cameras, cell phones, iPads or tablets, computers or timing devices, and wrist watches into the Instant Challenge room. The team can ask the Appraisers for the time remaining at any point during the Instant Challenge.

Getting Your Scores

Main Challenge scores will only be released to authorized personnel. In Region 1 we request that it be the manager and one team member. Please bring identification when you pick up your scores. From the Rules of the Road: “When the scores are ready for pick up, your Team Manager and one team member or 2 representatives of self managed teams will go to the Head Appraiser or Challenge Master (depending on who is handling this task) to receive these scores.”

Some RCMs plan to collect a cell number so they can text you when your scores are available.

IC scores are not released on tournament day.  IC score sheets are not returned to teams per ICM Fritz.

Parade & Awards Information

The Closing Ceremonies will begin with the Parade of Teams.

  • Parade Line Up  4:15 pm  
  • Parade begins promptly at: 4:30 pm
  • Awards immediately following parade
  • Location- Beeghly Center:  Roselli Main Court

Each District can create a banner representing your teams and march in with pride.
Banner Requirements:

  • No more than 6 ft. wide
  • Cannot be attached to poles
  • Must be hand-held by students during the parade

Basket & 50/50 Raffles

Participating districts have donated lovely baskets to raise funds for the Tournament. You will be able to buy chances to win the baskets in Kilcawley near the team check in area and prior to awards at Beeghly. There will also be a 50/50 raffle. Drawings will occur at the awards ceremony. Tickets $1 each – 6 for $5. Help support Region 1!

Note for Districts: If you plan  to deliver District/Team Baskets for the Basket Raffle on Friday night  you’ll either need to drop them off by 5:30 pm at Kilcawley Center, or first thing Saturday Morning (Someone will probably be around the Tournament Office by 7:30 AM or earlier on Saturday.)

Hat Station

Back again for 2020! Lower Level Arcade Area Kilcawley Center. Purchase a plastic Derby hat for $2.00 and use markers and art materials to customize/personalize the hat. Additionally, felt stovepipes and felt jester hats will be available along with materials to decorate them!


A limited number of Challenge Pins. $3 each at Check-in table.


Planning is still in the works.  Check back again before the tournament.  You are encouraged to share “team-taken” photos on this web site. Please contact the webmaster for information about submitting your photos.

If YouR TEAM QUALIFIES FOR the State Tournament

Message about State from Regional Director

Attention all team managers.
You, your team and the entire DI Region 1 community are anticipating the Region 1 tournament and the awards ceremony. Every team is a winning team and maybe yours is state-bound!  Please ask your appraisers if they are willing to attend state as an appraiser. Many appraisers enjoy the state appraisal experience. Please note that 1st place winning teams will meet at the end of the awards ceremony at a state-bound teams table to complete important paperwork before leaving the tournament. Please be prepared with appraisers names and contact information if your state appraiser will not be the same as your Regional Appraisers.

State Qualifying teams should be aware of the following:
1. You have until Monday morning to get your information to the OKC. This includes having your Appraiser’s forms completed.
2.  Starting with 2018-2019 Tournament year, Ohio gets to send 1st through 4th place teams to the Global Finals. In addition, there will be a process to fill slots left open by teams that are unable to attend GF, so even if you don’t “win” at State, do not destroy your props and costumes, etc until into May. You may still be invited to attend GF.

REGION 1 TOURNAMENT Rules & Regulations

Youngstown State University has hosted our tournament for the almost 2 decades and has been very accommodating.

To show our appreciation, let’s make sure to take care of all of the buildings and grounds. Please don’t litter or vandalize the property. If you make a mess — clean it up!!

Important Message from the Director of Kilcawley Center

Youngstown State University

When setting up and tearing down, I ask that you remind the DI staff and volunteers of the following:

Kilcawley Center is a conference/student center and our rooms have various finishes and flooring. The ONLY tape permitted to be used is masking tape, and you are only permitted to tape with masking tape to the cinder block walls and laminated doors. No one is permitted to tape to the glass, carpet, floors, wallpaper and drywall throughout the building and under no circumstance is scotch, duct, or packing tape permitted to be used anywhere in the center. We just recently hand several hallways, lobbies, and rooms painted.

Lastly, I ask that you remind the staff and volunteers to remind the DI participants, families, and friends that they are guests of the University and to be respectful of the building and campus, and to use caution when moving in and out props or decorations. In the past, we have had larger items damage walls, ceilings, and chandlers, and if they are looking to dispose of the aforementioned props, to ask the Kilcawley Center and cleaning staff for assistance. If dumpster space allows, we will be happy to accommodate the request. Please contact me with any questions or concerns. Thanks!

John L. Young
Kilcawley Center


Teams need to bring tennis shoes to wear during the tournament and awards to avoid damage to certain floors at the University. We realize that many teams will want to wear other shoes for their performances and they can change their shoes for the performance. If you are scheduled to be performing on a gym floor (Technical or Engineering) specifically, please plan to wear tennis shoes.

Damage Disclaimer

Ohio Kids for Creativity Region 1 (Destination Imagination) reserves the right to ban the use of any substances or objects that may be harmful to any surface on the YSU campus.

If teams wish to use any such substance, The Team must provide protective coverings or work surfaces to prevent any mishaps.

If the Appraiser doing the check-in for the Challenge area feels that damage could occur they will stop the team from performing and discuss the matter with the Challenge Master.

The Challenge Master will have the final ruling as to whether or not the team will be allowed to use the object or substance.  If any harm is done to any YSU campus facility the team (and/or School District) causing damage will be fully responsible for any charges the University levies.

Team mangers or teams that have questions about this subject should contact the Regional Director before the tournament.

Dry Ice

The use of dry ice is prohibited. (Youngstown State University req.)


YSU: Youngstown State University prohibits carrying, displaying or usage of any firearm and/or other weapons by all persons while on University property. This also includes “fake” weapons or anything resembling a firearm and/or other weapons.

Definition: Firearms and Weapons include, but are not limited to, all firearms whether functional, non-functional, or simulated; live ammunition; knives (any sharp-pointed or edged instrument except instructional supplies, unaltered nail files and clips and tools used solely for preparation of food, instruction, and maintenance); swords; metal or brass knuckles; air tasers; collapsible batons; clubs; blackjacks; ku batons; paintball guns; bb guns; pellet guns; slingshots; airsoft guns; nerf guns; and any other item modified from its original purpose to be used as a weapon. The Youngstown State University Police Chief, or designee, has the authority to modify or determine a weapon’s status.

Please Check back AGAIN for details About Rules at the Ohio TOurnament


Ohio Kids for Creativity Region I, a chartered association of Ohio Kids for Creativity, Youngstown State University or Destination ImagiNation, Inc. (DI)., are not responsible for injury or property damage resulting from the use helium. Use helium at your own risk.