TM Reminders

Just a reminder that in the next 2-3 weeks we have the following deadlines for the set-up of the Region 1 DI tournament:

31 Jan 2013- T-shirt contest form deadline.
01 Feb 2013- Pin Order deadlines.
15 Feb 2013- Appraiser & Volunteer Form Deadline. The will be NO extensions as the Appraiser Assignment team will be making assignments on 02/17 so that the CM’s will know their staff and so the Appraisers can be informed of their assignments.

At this point (11;35pm on 01/25/2013) we have 1 T-shirt entry, 2 pin Orders, but the Appraisers and Volunteers are coming in (46 Appraisers, 18 Volunteers).

Keep up the good work, the clock is ticking….