Support from Novelis

Managers, the procedure and information has changed for 2014. We’ll have the new information online soon. Thanks for your patience.

As we mentioned earlier, Novelis Neighbors has committed to supporting Region 1 and our Destination Imagination teams. The first part of this is that they will be supplying all team membership materials (The kit you get from DI-HQ that includes RotR, the Challenges, etc.) at no cost to your team/school.

The first membership kits should be available in mid-October.

To get the Novelis-supported memberships you need to send a request through this web form.

Web form basics:

  1. Check spelling of names, addresses and emails. We need that to get in contact with you to arrange delivery.
  2. District drop-down includes every district in Mahoning, Trumbull, & Ashabulla Counties plus Charter, Diocese, Home-school, Others, and Outside the Region in alphabetic order,
  3. School Name may be organization name if you are not school sponsored.
  4. You should get an email with what you entered into the form. If not, check with us.

Because of this there will be several changes you should be aware of.

  1. All team numbers will be issued to Novelis/ Region 1 OKC instead of your school or district as previous.
  2. We will then issue materials with the team’s membership number.
  3. The Team Name/ Nickname that was used in the past by some teams will only be used to track individual teams. (Doesn’t mean you can’t have one, but once past Regional level you will not see it used.)
  4. Team Managers at schools with Coordinators (Howland, Youngstown come to mind) should check with them before filling in the request form. Yes, we will be passing along the team numbers/ TM Names to the Coordinators.

New teams and teams with financial needs should check with us or Novelis Neighbors for additional Financial support.

Please bear with us as this is all new to us and while we are trying to anticipate things, there are bound to be kinks and glitches to work out.

Your Region 1 Board