Special Awards 2019


DaVinci Award

For Outstanding Creativity

The paths we follow on our journeys were once uncharted and unknown – until someone took a bold step in a new direction and paved a way for us to follow. To solve our Challenges, imagination, creativity, originality, and courage are required. We honor those individuals and teams who most clearly demonstrate that spirit of adventurous risk in their solutions – those who most creatively traveled to reach truly new and unique destinations. The DaVinci Award is named to honor one of humanity’s greatest creative thinkers, Leonardo Da Vinci. Awards will include an inscription of Leonardo’s personal motto “Sapere Vedere” (To Know How to See ) – fusing classical thought and philosophy with art and science to propose new and creative outl ooks of the world. *Please note: solutions need not be successful to demonstrate the attributes of creativity and risk taking.


Spirit of Discovery and Imagination Award

(Spirit of DI Award)

For Outstanding Spirit, Teamwork, Volunteerism, Sportsmanship

Destination Imagination from its very beginning has been a community. The recipients of this award are the ones who go out of their way to help others, making sacrifices not for themselves, but to give something to someone else. We recognize and applaud those members of our community who demonstrate outstanding and extraordinary levels of sportsmanship, volunteerism and spirit, be they Team Managers, Team members, Officials, or other helpful DI friends and volunteers.


Renaissance Award

For Outstanding Design, Engineering, Execution, Performance

On our journey we sometimes encounter exceptional travelers who entertain and enlighten us along the way. The Renaissance Award recognizes those among us who demonstrate extraordinary amounts of effort and preparation in their solutions or outstanding skill in engineering, design or performance. While the destination is creativity, these fellow travelers make the journey itself memorable.

DaVinci Award Winners:

Warren City; Lincoln 3-5,  Scientific (B) “Medical Mystery”, EL – Instant Challenge Team Award
This team’s creative use of available materials combined with their excellent teamwork and their use of “a cherry on the top” gave us goosebumps and kept us on the edge of our seats. Their combined skills and inovative plan demonstraited the creativity and preserverance that are at the core of DI. (They crushed it!)
Badger Local; Fine Arts (C) “Game On”, ML – Instant Challenge Team Award
The uniqueness of the story of doing the sory justice. How the team worked together, giving each team member the opportunity to share their ideas. Not giving away any of the ideas, but we the appraisers want to say –  your beginning – middle – and ending was something to keep us laughing until the end.

Renaissance Award Winners:
Joseph Badger “DI Divas”, Fine Arts (C) “Game On” EL – Team Award
This team skillfully designed a lever system using pvc pipe and slastic strips to make their “moles” rise and fall just like the real game.

Spirit of Discovery and Imagination Award Winners:
Howland Local “Fantastic Five”, Service Learning (pO) “Escape Artists”,  EL -Team Award
From the second the team walked in, they were prepared! They were passionate about (the) subject matter, raised money for (the) project with a pajama day; and ultimately displayed how to be part of the solution!!!
They heart felt outpouring of personal family experiences created an emotional bond within the team.
Fantastic job – well done Fantastic Five!

Warren Lincoln K-8 “The D.I. Friends”, Rising Stars (RS) “Pop Up” RS – Instant Challenge Team Award
All team members contributed ideas and the team considered all ideas.
After hearing all the ideas the team came to a consensus and then did a “team shake” before beginning the challenge.
Throughout the challenge the team members complimented each other.
“D.I. Friends” – they exemplified this.