Special Awards 2018


DaVinci Award

For Outstanding Creativity

The paths we follow on our journeys were once uncharted and unknown – until someone took a bold step in a new direction and paved a way for us to follow. To solve our Challenges, imagination, creativity, originality, and courage are required. We honor those individuals and teams who most clearly demonstrate that spirit of adventurous risk in their solutions – those who most creatively traveled to reach truly new and unique destinations. The DaVinci Award is named to honor one of humanity’s greatest creative thinkers, Leonardo Da Vinci. Awards will include an inscription of Leonardo’s personal motto “Sapere Vedere” (To Know How to See ) – fusing classical thought and philosophy with art and science to propose new and creative outl ooks of the world. *Please note: solutions need not be successful to demonstrate the attributes of creativity and risk taking.


Spirit of Discovery and Imagination Award

(Spirit of DI Award)

For Outstanding Spirit, Teamwork, Volunteerism, Sportsmanship

Destination Imagination from its very beginning has been a community. The recipients of this award are the ones who go out of their way to help others, making sacrifices not for themselves, but to give something to someone else. We recognize and applaud those members of our community who demonstrate outstanding and extraordinary levels of sportsmanship, volunteerism and spirit, be they Team Managers, Team members, Officials, or other helpful DI friends and volunteers.


Renaissance Award

For Outstanding Design, Engineering, Execution, Performance

On our journey we sometimes encounter exceptional travelers who entertain and enlighten us along the way. The Renaissance Award recognizes those among us who demonstrate extraordinary amounts of effort and preparation in their solutions or outstanding skill in engineering, design or performance. While the destination is creativity, these fellow travelers make the journey itself memorable.

DaVinci Award Winners:
Valley Christian Lewis Center “Imagidreamers”, Engineering (E) “Drop Zone”, EL  -Team Award
At the castle, the fantastically choreographed battle between Gerbany & Hampsterdam incorporated all the required elements of their challenge. This team’s creativity of props added to the viewing pleasure of the Audience. 
The incorporation of their structure into the core of the storyline allowed for the flawless transition from the battle to the team working against a new enemy (the cat!!!)
The smooth story transition, the use of props, the participation of all team members and incorporation of the structure into the story makes this Elementary team the total creative package.
HomeshoolBrunch Bunch, Rising Stars! (RS) “Friends Everywhere”, RS! -Team Award
This challenge required the team to include a prop that would transform and be used in two ways. When we saw a car transform into a party table, we were blown away by the details the team included in the decorations on the party table were intricate and beautiful and so creative!
The overall performance was full of creativity while really highlighting the two different cultures.
This team simply oozed creativity – both during their performance and while speaking to the Appraisers about their journey!

Renaissance Award Winners:
Howland Local “Imaginators”, Scientific (B) “Unlikely Attraction” EL – Team Award
This team displayed outstanding scientific prowess with their scissor-lift incorporated into their presentation. Utilizing the properties of pneumatics/hydraulics, along with kinematics and other advanced engineering concepts, this team ended off their magic show.
With creativity and style, We believe that this team deserves this award because the scientific and artistic approach showed exceptional skill, understanding, and dedication to detail. The concepts used in their overall performance allongside the creative and artistic elements in the set design set this team appart!!
Howland High School ” 7 – Bobs”, Fine Arts (C) “Change of Tune” SL -Team Award
This team demonstrated an above and beyond level of creativity, design, and so much more! The music in the skit drew the audience into a time of pharohs and pyramids. The storyline itself was full of interesting and historical facts. The teams enthusiasm was contagious and they were certainly a joy to watch!!
Valley Christian Lewis Center “The Drama Club”, Fine Arts (C) “Change of Tune”, EL  -Team Award
The Drama Club made great use of their individual talents in the areas of dance, songwriting, musical abilities, and artwork. Their creativity flowed seamlessly throughout their performance, and was awe-inspiring.
Valley Christian Lewis Center “Imagidreamers”, Engineering (E) “Drop Zone”, EL  -Team Award
This team’s structure was well designed and structurely sound. The structure itself was a series of repeated “A” frames with a crossing truss across the middle of each of the four sides. It was designed at a high level and extermely impressive. In terms of performance, the structure withstood the highest weight allowed without any sign of failure or deformation.

Spirit of Discovery and Imagination Award Winners:
Tournament Appraisal Staff, Wendy Spoerr
Our nomination is to a dedicated Appraiser who has been with Region 1 (and prior Region 15) for over 30 years of service! We want to celebrate this moment with Wendy to say “Thank You for your Service.”
Valley Christian Lewis Center “The Drama Club”, Instant Challenge, C / EL  -Team Award
This first year team, with a first year manager, from a first year school, truly embrased the “Spirit of DI” through awesome sportsmanship. Even though their Instant Challenge was twice the challenge, they kept a positive, smiling, cheerful attitude throughout the whole process. 
Howland Local “Imaginators”, Instant Challenge B / EL – Team Award
This team showed exceptional team work & creativity. They used their time wisely, respected one another’s opinion, and divided up their tasks per their strengths. It was a joy to experience them in action.
Campbel City Schools “The Steam Team”, Scientific (B) “Unlikely Attraction” SL  – Team Award
We believe that this team deserves to be awarded the “Spirit of DI” because of their exceptional teamwork and sportsmanship. Through their performance it was clear that the artwork was a calaborative project which displayed each of the individuals’ talents. Even though their team was missing a member they made sure to give due credit. The team was obviously happy with each other’s work and were quick to praise one another for it.
Even with the last-minute need to change, they remained composed and coherent through their presentation. Their energy was addicting and their creativity was evident.
Warren Lincoln K-8 “Awesome Imagination”, Fine Arts (C) “Change of Tune” EL  – Team Award
This team impressed us with their sportsmanship. The team supported and up-lifted one another throughout the performance and the interview process with the Appraisers. They complemented each other on their performance in such a genuine way that it made a significant impression on this appraisal team.