Special Awards – 2016

These are the Special Awards for this year. Congrats to the recipients.

DaVinci Award
For Outstanding Creativity

Team Challenge C- Get a Clue
Team Award- 135-91166, Seaborn Elementary, Sam Caputo, C/EL
“The use of original songs to distinctly introduce each suspect in a humorous and creative manner left no doubt as to who the suspects were. Rhyming and clever use of dialogue were a highlight of the presentation.
Congratulations to the Elementary C team from Weathersfield.”

Team Challenge D- Close Encounters
Individual Award- 135-11511, Chaney VPA, Carla Gipson, D/SL: Chiray Chew
“This engaging individual was able to take a simple prop made of newspaper and flawlessly integrate it throughout the team’s performance. His improvisational skills and electrifying personality kept the audience and appraisers enthralled.
Congratulations to Senior Level Close Encounters Chaney team member Chiray Chew.”

Renaissance Award
For Outstanding Design, Engineering, or Performance

Team Challenge B- In Plain Sight
Team Award- 135-81493, The Ed Winters School of Knowledge, Edwin Winters, B/SL, “My Mama’s Vanilla”
”The tree used in their presentation transformed from a healthy vibrant tree full of white peppered moths to a black tree covered in soot from pollution. The moths changed in color from white to black camouflage. This was accomplished by rotating the top piece of the tree and releasing a black drop down fabric full of the black peppered moths using it for camouflage. A costumed moth was also used in the transformation. The white dress was transformed using a release panel to reveal a black overlay to represent the change. The tree was constructed mostly of cardboard and duct tape. The audience and appraisers were truly wowed by this creative design and were impressed with the workmanship and ingenuity that went into building this visually powerful creation.
Congratulations to the Challenge B, Senior Level team, My Mama’s Vanilla (aka. The Ed Winters Schoool of Knowledge).”

Spirit of DI (Spirit of Discovery & Imagination) Award
For Exceptional Teamwork, Volunteerism & Sportsmanship

Team Challenge D- Close Encounters-
Team Award- 135-49940 Howland High School, Lorie Rhine, D/SL
Individual Award- 135-16310 Chaney VPA, Carla Gipson, D/ML : Nakaia McRae
“This appraisal team nominated four individuals for not only their exceptional sportsmanship but also their outstanding teamwork – especially since prior to 15 minutes before their performance they had never been an actual team.
One of these individuals was unable to compete today because her other team members were unavailable. When word of her plight got around, she was offered an opportunity to perform for feedback by joining forces with another team.
Congratulations to Nakaia McRae from Chaney! We are proud of your resilience and great attitude.
Congratulations also to Kayliegh Crumb, Taylor Cook, and Kyle Rhine from Howland. All four of you represent the true spirit of DI.”

Team Challenge pO- The Meme Event-
Team Award- 135-79530, Youngstown Summit Academy, Anna Ragghanti-Crowe, pO/SL
“This is a Team Award. This project Outreach team used DI as their platform to honor their former Team Manager who unexpectedly passed away last summer.
Not only did their exceptional sprirt shine through, their solution allowed Mrs. Bielik’s spirit to continue to shine.
Congratulations to Summit Academy- ‘Team Bielik’.”

Instant Challenge
Individual Award- At-large Appraiser : Genia Herns

“This individual has been active for nearly twenty years as a Challenge Master, Head Appraiser, and Appraiser – and – she has no kids involved in the program.
Any other appraisers who’ve had the pleasure of working with her and all the kids lucky enough to cross paths with her know what a DI Gem she truly is.
This Spirit of DI Award goes to Genia Herns!”