Special Awards 2015

These are the Special Awards for this year. Congrats to the recipients.


DaVinci Award
For Outstanding Creativity

Team Challenge C- Feary Tales- SL
Team Award- 135-30093 Youngstown Early College

“Outstanding original production.
Enthusiasm was awsome
All the elements of a fairy tale were visible
Strong consensus with appraisers that this team was outstanding!”


Renaissance Award
For Outstanding Design, Engineering, or Performance

Team Challenge C- Feary Tales Level- EL
Team Award- 135-71505 Howland H.C. Mines “Imagination Dragons”

”The Dragon element was very unique. The element incorporated the development of 3 straws placed together to make the streamers on the end move like fire.
All of their acting was very good as well as having a well-written script. It showed that they put a lot of work into that as well as their set.”

Team Challenge C- Feary Tales Level- SL
Team Award- 135-17737 Sebring McKinley High School

”The scenery had the ‘WOW’ factor-
Intricate details; It set the scene and mood for the presentation! Fantastic!”

Team Challenge D- The Improv Games- SL
Team Award- 135-52218 Howland High School

”Superior preparation-
Team played well off each other
They were enthusiastic, dramatic, and very funny.
All elements used and integrated effortlessly into each sketch
Clearly a team effort – even during planning.”

Team Challenge RS!- Animal Mish Mash- PL
Team Award- 135-54810 Weathersfield Seaborn Elementary “The Big Brains”

”All done themselves. Team work in the prep room
Team Challenge- had puppets, scenery, details, teamwork, organization, sequencing, story line, time line, and plot
Instant Challenge- teamwork, organization, utilized time wisely and all materials, asked questions, out going
Very nice group of kids.
Everyone was included and had a job in each aspect of the day. Amazing job engineering habitat!”

Spirit of DI (Spirit of Discovery & Imagination) Award
For Exceptional Teamwork, Volunteerism & Sportsmanship

Team Challenge pO- Brand Aid- ML
Team Award- 135-58086 Howland Middle School “The 7 Bobs”

“This team demonstrated a high level of teamwork, cooperation, and support for one another. They each helped set up and played an active part within the skit. After their performances, the team congratulated each other and expressed their appreciation for one another. This team showed that not only did they work hard together but they enjoyed each and every moment of it!”