Special Awards – 2014

These are the Special Awards for this year. Congrats to the recipients.


DaVinci Award For Outstanding Creativity

Team Challenge A- Dig In Level- ML Team Award- 135-24260 Howland Middle School “DI-namic Heroes” “When team realized a required component was missing- they pulled together to create a replacement that was fully integrated to the theme they were presenting. Overall creativity of theme, skit, costumes, and props was well executed!” Team Challenge B- Going to Extremes Level- EL Team Award- 135-18924 Howland North Road “Jellyfish were creative –exceptional 4 Backdrops – 2 ships with lights and a motor Outstanding story Very good stage presence.” Team Challenge D- Pandemonium Level- SLregion-1-di-2014-101 Team Award- 135-81389 Howland High School “This team’s performance was mesmerizing! From an imaginary “chicken little” to traveling on the “Monster Ball”, the creativity never stopped. These students were able to play off one another and stick to the theme. There was a continuity that began and ended with “Bippity, Boppity Boo!” Fun to watch!!” Team Challenge D- Pandemonium Level- SLregion-1-di-2014-112 Team Award- 135-23206 Niles McKinley High School “Fab Five” “The FAB FIVE Niles high school level challenge D had an exemplary performance. From the second they walked in with a lit-up sign through their energetic performance of a game show, they were a team full of life and enthusiasm. This unique approach stood out above the rest because it was well-organized, creative, and flowed smoothly through loud voices, songs and “oomp!” They were a very fun group to watch!”

Renaissance Award For Outstanding Design, Engineering, or Performance

Team Challenge B- Going to Extremes Level- SL Team Award- 135-02961 Summit Academy Youngstown ”Teamwork was exceptional. One of the props (cactus) fell over and several team members came to fix it. They were insync with one another. The camel- powered by two members moved accurately and together. The entire team seemed to anticipate the moves each team member made they were entirely together and worked like one person. Their backdrops (2) were dimensional (quilted) and really stood out.” Team Challenge D- Pandemonium Level- SL Individual Award- Isabella of Youngstown Early College 135-29300 ”The make-up portion of the skit was monsters. Isabella created monster makeup on her teammate which was 3-D with the eyeballs on the cheeks & forehead almost appearing to be life-like. This was the best use of makeup for all of Challenge D.”

Spirit of DI (Spirit of Discovery & Imagination) Award For Exceptional Teamwork, Volunteerism & Sportsmanship

Team Challenge D- Pandemonium Level- ML Individual Award- Mason Glinn of Howland Middle (3 Dudes &1 Chick) 135-67276 “Selflessly helped set up Rising Stars room without being asked for any assistance. Hanging items, Took down items Assiting with lifting, Cleaned up room, Helped other groups take things down He demonstrated the true meaning of the Spirit of DI by volunteering selflessly!” Team Challenge RS!- Circus! Level- PL Individual Award- Virginia Crumb, Challenge Master “This individual is the heart of DI. She goes above and beyond to make the tournament experience so very special for our little ones. She creates a magical atmosphere every year. She says; “You’ve got to make it special and hook them while they are young!”