Region 1 Destination Imagination
Team Tournament Registration
Event Date: March 4, 2023, TBD,
Somewhere, OH 44122

Tournament Registration Fees

For 2023

$20- Rising Stars

All other levels are as follows:
Early Bird Fee – Received by December 31, 2022, with all forms
$30 per team with an active & participating Region 1 Board Member
$40 per team with no Board Member

Standard Fee – Received by January 15, 2022, with all forms:
$35 per team with an active & participating Region 1 Board Member
$45 per team with no Board member.

Teams, Novelis has decided to support other organizations in 2018 and the free ID option isn’t available at this time.   We are very appreciative of their generosity over the last few years.

Teams will be registering for Region 1 tournament at the RYT (Register Your Team) website this year.  The link is below.

Before filling in the online form, please refer to the Rules of the Road for information regarding choosing the appropriate level for your team and for rules regarding member additions. Once the form is submitted, only new team members can be added with the permission of the Regional Director.  The staff at the Main Challenge will be checking official team rosters against the team members who show up on Tournament day.   The absolute deadline for additions is 03/01/2023, i.e. the 2 nights before the tournament (ONLY with the permission of the RD.) Please note that no guarantees are made that members’ names will be included in the program if changes are requested after January 30th.

Please use this  Registration Worksheet to compile information for the online form.

STEP ONE: Get your membership(s) from Destination Imagination.

STEP TWO: Collect the following information:

  1. The team Membership Number
  2. School and District
  3. Challenge (problem) and team level (read Rules of the Road about team formation)
  4. Your name, e-mail address (preferably one you check regularly), phone, and Address.
  5. The Assistant team manager’s name, e-mail address (preferably one they check regularly), phone, and Address.
  6. The RYT system allows for the parents to complete this info or you may print forms of the required information to send to the parents.
  7. Any scheduling problems (Please include information such as a Team Manager with more than one team (list additional team information), a team member or Manager with physical disability, and any potential schedule conflicts. The information needs to be included on this form so that we may schedule the tournament in a timely manner. )
  8. Background Checks NEWFrom OHDI – Ohio DI is announcing an important new policy that will impact all Team Managers, Assistant Team Managers, and Regional Challenge Masters for the 2019-2020 DI season. As required by Destination Imagination’s Rules of the Road, III.D.7 (page 8), all adults (18 years of age and older) serving in these roles must submit to an approved background check. This change, part of DI’s Youth Protection Policy, will help ensure that our program continues to be a safe and positive experience for all of our student participants. Many of our volunteers already submit to an approved background check through an employer, the school district that sponsors their DI program, or another organization. Most of these background checks will satisfy this new requirement. For those who have never had a background check, Ohio DI is partnering with Sterling Volunteers to offer an approved check for $20 that is completed online. Each volunteer will be responsible for the cost of their Sterling Volunteers background check.  Very Important: You will need to have an approved background check (or meeting one of the above requirements) BEFORE you can register your team.   School/district Coordinators or Regional Directors will be providing additional information and instructions to Team Managers and Assistant Team Managers soon.  If you do not obtain a background check and/or provide documentation to either your School/District Coordinator or Regional Director you will be unable to download the challenges and thus your team will be ineligible to participate in a Regional Tournament.  Youth Protection Policy Details are at this web link:

STEP THREE: Fill in the online tournament registration form.  The link is below.

STEP FOUR: The RYT system includes an invoice for your regional team registration.  Note: we accept Purchase Orders and checks.

Checks Payable to:
Region 1 Ohio Kids for Creativity
Mail to:
Robert Capp, Region 1 Treasurer
1166 Townsend Ave.
Youngstown, OH 44505

STEP FIVE: Before the posted deadline, see that your two Appraisers and one Volunteer fill in their registration forms.  After the Volunteer Form Deadline, your Volunteer will get an email link from us so they can request a preferred schedule because the 11 Regional Tournaments have different schedules. If volunteers do not complete the scheduling form, the Tournament Committee will schedule them as necessary. Before the posted deadlines, order Challenge pins if you wish, also supply advertising forms, and see if any team members wish to participate in the annual t-shirt design competition.


Here is the link to RYT to register:

Register Your Team – Your Dashboard (

Reminder: If your team has already registered and you need to make changes or additions, please contact the Regional Director.

Likewise, if you allowed the deadline for Team Registration to pass without registering your team, also contact the RD.