Region 1 teams at OHDI

Below is the scheduled list of our teams Challenge performance times in order during the day. Go and support your fellow Region 1 teams.
Note- these are the scheduled performance times and do not include check in times (D & E) or IC times. This is current as of 3/16/2018 8:08 PM and can change at any time right up until the last team performs. See you in Mt. Vernon!


Main team name School Name Team ID level ch Main Challenge
TM Last Name
8:50 Imaginators Howland local schools 135-50288 EL B Scientific: Unlikely Attraction Sanata
10:00   Joseph Badger Local Schools 135-29688 ML E Engineering: Drop Zone MULLIGAN
10:10   Youngstown Early College 135-33342 SL D Improvisational: Treasure! Gilanyi
10:15 Imagination Creation Howland Local Schools 135-97262 EL A Technical: Maze Craze Dotson
10:30   Valley Christian Schools Lewis Center 135-59437 EL E Engineering: Drop Zone Wade
11:30   Sebring Local Schools 135-94282 SL C Fine Arts: Change of Tune Whaley
13:20   East High School 135-09724 SL pO Service Learning: Inside Impact Constantino
13:30 The 7 Bobs Howland Local Schools 135-90807 SL C Fine Arts: Change of Tune Anastasiades
13:30 Di- Wise Lincoln Pk-8 135-99145 ML D Improvisational: Treasure! Venetti
13:35   Lincoln Pk-8 135-71773 EL D Improvisational: Treasure! Gaszo
13:40 Drama Club Valley Christian Schools Lewis Center 135-54688 EL C Fine Arts: Change of Tune Windon
14:50   Howland High School 135-53943 SL D Improvisational: Treasure! Rhine
15:15   Joseph Badger Local Schools 135-49918 SL B Scientific: Unlikely Attraction MULLIGAN
15:35 Steam Team Campbell Memorial high school 135-22719 SL B Scientific: Unlikely Attraction King

03/17/2018 10:06:31