Region 1 Grows

Well, the remains Sandy have left for Canada and the frozen north while back in New Jersey DI-HQ is apparently open again and processing Team Numbers.

So, welcome back Beverly Begalla and the Global Award winning Niles Team.

Also, welcome back 5 teams from Lisa Dennis and Sebring Local Schools.

For those who like to keep track of these things,

On 10/22/2009 we had 22 team numbers issued by DI-HQ;
On 10/20/2010 we had 18 team numbers issued by DI-HQ,
On 10/16/2011 we had 26 team numbers issued by DI-HQ,
On 10/31/2012 we have 24 team numbers issued by DI-HQ.

Since the last update, we had another 2 Team Managers register for the 10 November Team Manager Training. And 1st two not from Howland!!!  (lol!)