On to OKC Mt. Vernon

The OKC Region 1 Destination Imagination Tournament was PI Day at Youngstown State University. The winners, first and second place in the Senior Level only, are eligible to move on to the state tournament April 11 at Mt. Vernon High School, Mt. Vernon, OH.

Schools with advancing teams are:

Challenge A: “Creature Feature”

Elementary Level, B.L. Miller 135-72549 Angie Rowe
Middle Level, Joseph Badger School 135-81642 Stephanie Greathouse .

Challenge B: “Making Waves”

Middle Level, Joseph Badger School, 135-06449 Angela Murphy

Challenge C: “Feary Tales”

Elementary, Howland North Road 135-40046 Tina Cook .
Middle, Joseph Badger School 135-75243 Kelly Mulligan .
Senior, Howland High School 135-20628 Lorie Rhine ; Youngstown Early College 135-30093 Meysha Harville .

Challenge D: “The Improv Games”

Elementary, Warren Willard K-8 135-79943 Shannon Rupert .
Middle, Joseph Badger Schools 135-43736 Michelle Moran .
Senior, Howland High School 135-52218 Dennis Crumb .

Challenge E: “Lose to Win”

Elementary, Prospect Elementary School, Girard 135-51140 Sahar Hadi .
Senior, Youngstown Early College 135-10990 Christina Morales .

Challenge pO (Project Outreach): “Brand Aid”

Elementary, Weathersfield Seaborn Elementary 135-32956 Pattie Collins .
Middle, Howland Middle School 135-58086 Koula Anastasiades .
Senior, Joseph Badger Schools 135-85029 Robin Timko ; Youngstown East High School 135-52379 Jeanne Constantino .

Thanks to Richard Clinton, Region 1 Score Room CM for the above.

Update 3/20/15: The Special Awards are now posted
Update 3/24/15: The generated score sheet from the software came out in a really different format. RCM-SR Richard is checking on it while I’m attempting to reformat it (in my spare time).
Update 3/27/15: 2015 Scores are available Here and now.
Update 3/28/15: Fixed an error in the above listing, added Membership number and TM to the list.