Ohio Affiliate schedules

Here are the Region 1 teams listed by their Main Challenge times. Good luck to all our teams this weekend.

Note: this is from the “draft” schedules posted at http://ohdi.org/2015tournamentschedule.html as of 14:45 on 04/07/2015. Team managers should check before departing for Mt. Vernon that changes have not been made.

Prep area Performance IC Team Manager(s) Team Name Level Challenge letter
8:30 8:50 AM 1:30 PM Crumb Howland SL Improv Games D
n/a 9:30 AM 3:18 PM Robin Clower Timko Badger High School SL Brand Aid pO
n/a 9:40 AM 1:30 PM Collins Seaborn Elementary EL Brand Aid pO
n/a 9:45 AM 1:40 PM Harville/Jones Youngstown Early College SL Feary Tales C
n/a 9:50 AM 12:00 PM Mulligan/ Campbell Badger Middle School ML C – Feary Tales C
n/a 10:45 AM 8:40 AM Greathouse Joseph Badger ML Creature Feature A
n/a 11:10 AM 9:00 AM Morales/Croom Youngstown City SL Lose to Win E
10:55 11:15 AM 1:54 PM Moran Joseph Badger ML Improv Games D
n/a 11:30 AM 3:18 PM Murphy/Plunkett Joseph Badger ML Making Waves B
n/a 12:30 PM 10:00 AM Rowe Sebring BL Miller EL Creature Feature A
n/a 12:40 PM 9:54 AM Cook/ Vandervort Howland North EL Feary Tales C
n/a 1:10 PM 9:54 AM Hadi/Williams/Stamford Girard EL Lose to Win E
n/a 1:10 PM 3:00 PM Anastasiades/ Anastasiades Howland Middle School ML Brand Aid pO
2:25 2:45 PM 11:06 AM Rupert Willard EL Improv Games D
n/a 3:00 PM 10:12 AM Constantino Youngstown SL Brand Aid pO