More growth!

It’s been really quiet until today.

Welcome back another 2012 Global Team – along with 9 additional teams from Cindy Baer and the Howland Local School District!

And also welcome the returning Warren Willard K-8 team with TM Shannon Rupert.

Thanks also as Youngstown City purchased their 8th team!

This gives us 34 DI and 2 RS teams so far this season.

Note to Charter School Coordinator/TMs:
Teams are assigned to Regions (in Ohio at least) based upon the address supplied to DI-HQ when team numbers are purchased.
So, if your team is in Niles (Trumbull County, Region 1) but the Charter School is based in East Liverpool (Columbiana County, Region 13) you need to let the Regional Director know, so your team will be correctly assigned. (Yes, this has occurred.)