Howland North Road DI GF Fundraisers

Please help to support the Howland North Road DI team.  This is a quick and  easy way to support the team.

Go to the Ohio Groovy Gang page on pear up.

Also this one:
Here is another one.  We having a Thirty-One Party.  Our consultant will be donating 25% of all sales to our team!  The physical party is Monday, May 9th.  Online orders can be made anytime

Thank you

Our Story

We are a group of 7 3rd and 4th graders from North Road Intermediate in Howland, Ohio.
On Saturday, April 16th we placed 2nd out of 17 teams competing for 3 positions to attend Destination Imagination Global finals at the end of May!
Our challenge was to study a decade before 1990. We chose the 1970’s. Then write and star in a Get A Clue mystery where no one (not even the players) knows who done it until the team opens an envelope live on stage.
We also had to build our own costumes and props including a techniclue which aided in solving the mystery!
We are extremely excited to have the honor of representing Ohio at the Destination Imagination Global Finals where we will be competing against both national and international teams from places like China, Qatar, Korea, and Mexico just to name a few!!!