Help Our Teams

Those of you who have gone to Knoxville know how much fun it is between OKC Tournament in mid-April and the due date for fees for the Global Tournament in Mid-May. About $700.00 per team member and TM PLUS transportation.
Please help our teams with their money-making efforts.

Challenge B My Mama’s Vanilla
Nothing yet.

Challenge D Niles High School
nothing yet.

Challenge E Howland Middle School
Recycling Day event (PDF Flyer) Saturday, May 18, 2013, 10 AM – 1 PM at Richard E. Orwig Gazebo Parking Lot.

Challenge pO Summit Academy (Senior High)
This team has a GoFundMe site up and running. Other DI teams elsewhere have raised over 1/2 the money for Globals this way.

[important]Of course all our teams will cheerfully take whatever donations you wish to make to help them on their journey to Knoxville.[/important] [notice]Check back often for updates.[/notice]