Help our Teams – 2015

Global_Finals_2014_Welcome_Celebration-520x245Those of you who have gone to Knoxville know how much fun it is between OKC Tournament in mid-April and the due date for fees for the Global Tournament in Mid-May. While this year they have a little more time, still they need about $700.00 per team member and Team Manager(s) PLUS transportation.
Please help our teams with their money-making efforts.

Howland North Road Elementary    C: Feary Tale – Fine Arts, Elementary Level
Surprise! Being just a few points below the third place team & having one of the teams above them deciding not to go, our Howland North team was invited to attend Global Finals.

This team now has a Fundly site up for donations. Site also has a video of the team members being informed (turn down your volume).
Tonight (05/05) a Thirty-One event “Join us for a night of Thirty-One shopping! Mandy is donating 25% of all the party sales to our trip to Destination Imagination Global Finals. The May special is amazing!!! For every $35 spent, you can get either a Large Utility Tote for $10 (normally $35) or a brand new product the Stand Tall Insert for $15 (normally $50) and it goes into the Large Utility Tote! Any questions just call or text Mandy Boggs at 330-647-0632

Can’t make the party? Not a problem at all!
You can order online at:

Please note this address (1822 Niles Vienna Rd 44446) is for Niles First Christian Church. They have been very generous all year by allowing us to repeatedly use their space.”

Youngstown Early College    E: Lose to Win, Secondary Level

We do have a gofundme site
We are also having a raffle, tickets are $5.00, winner gets a $100 bill. Tickets to be drawn on May 15 by the school principal.
We are selling World’s Finest chocolate bars for $1.00.
Anyone interested in purchasing a raffle ticket or candy bars, contact me at 330/881-8894.
We are also selling ‘smart snacks’ during our a.m. breaks as a fundraiser.


H C Mines Intermediate    pO: Brand Aid, Middle Level
“The Seven Bobs” are back for another try in a different Challenge.

We are doing a Giving Bean Fundraiser – purchase coffee and tea at Giving Bean.  Whether you purchase or not please post to your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to invite others to support the kids journey to DI Global Finals 2015.  Coffee will be mailed directly by Giving Bean.

Follow this link to the page to support our team:

If you would rather give directly to Destination Imagination (a 501(c)3 organization) in support of team 135-58086 please use the attached PDF with your donation.  

Chipotle night, Thursday, May 7th from 4pm – 8pm at the Chipotle at Eastwood Mall.
See the attached PDF.  Distribute to your family & friends via Facebook, social media of choice, text message, etc;



Youngstown East High School    pO: Brand Aid, Secondary Level
We’re having a pepperoni roll sale on May 7th, two bakesales on May 1st and 8th, teachers are selling candy bars, and

we have a gofundme page up and running.


Of course all our teams will cheerfully take whatever donations you wish to make to help them on their journey to Knoxville. Check back often for updates.

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