Global Finals Teams

At this time we have 3 SL level teams who have qualified for GF18 in May. However, you 4th and 5th place finshers remember what you were told about holding on to you 2018 props and keep practicing IC because depending on a variety of factors you may still get an invite to GF18. Don’t believe it? Ask TM Nick at YEC whose team got invited to GF17 last year as a 4th place team AFTER they had all graduated!

The teams as of now are:

Steam Team Campbell Memorial high school 135-22719 SL B Scientific: Unlikely Attraction King
                      Howland High School                 135-53943 SL D Improvisational: Treasure! Rhine
                            Youngstown East High School                135-09724 SL pO Service Learning: Inside Impact Constantino

The full list of scores is on the website.

Watch this site and the Regional Facebook page for news about fund raising efforts for these teams.