Coordinator Training this Fall?

So we need your input-
We are looking at offering a new training session this fall (maybe late September)

This training would be for District Coordinators (and School coordinators where there is no District-level coordination.)

The training would be lead by 3 of our long-term and most successful District Coordinators-
Robin Timko – Joseph Badger, Cindy Baer – Howland, and Lois Thornton – Youngstown City

These ladies run the full variety of school districts, Urban, Suburban, and Rural.

They also do funding in a variety of ways: Grant money and District-wide fund raising, Pay-to-Play, support from the PTA/PTO organizations.

Among the topics we’re looking at are:

  1. How do you get teams formed?
  2. How do you get money to pay for the teams?
  3. How do you recruit the Team Managers, get them trained, and make sure they are “on program”?
  4. What are your responsibilities to the Region 1 Board? Participation, forms, money, etc.
  5. What are your responsibilities to your District? Forms, statistics, money, etc.
  6. yea! Teams made it to State, now what?
  7. OMG! Team(s) qualified for Globals!!! Now what am I going to do?

Here’s what we need from you-

  1. Would you be willing to attend this training?
  2. Are there other/additional topics you’d like to see covered?

Please get back to us on (either yes or no) this so we can begin planning.