2022 Affiliate Tournament schedule

As usual, for the benefit of R1 teams that want to support their fellow R1 teams,here is the teams Main Challenge start times for this upcoming Saturday. (TMs should have been getting information notifications from Vince, the Tournament Director.

Team #      Time  Chal. TC Room              Challenge Name            Team Name             Distr.  Team mgr 
135-00340   9:00    D   Lt-Blue-Imprv-ELSL   Improv: Festival Frenzy   Destination Creation  Warren  Nina Vaughn
135-99470   9:40    D   Lt-Blue-Imprv-ELSL   Improv: Festival Frenzy   3-5                   Warren  Cara Venetti
135-46017   10:00   D   Lt-Blue-Imprv-ML     Improv: Festival Frenzy   The Whatifz           Warren  Nina Vaughn
135-36339   10:40   D   Lt-Blue-Imprv-ML     Improv: Festival Frenzy   Lincoln 6-8           Warren  Brandi Gazso
135-48653   13:10  PO   Red-PO               Serv. Learng: For The Future                    Ygn     Jeanne Constantino

Support your Region 1 teams!  Don’t forget to stop by the basket raffle and 50/50 table!
See some of you Saturday, Others at the next Region 1 meeting  on 07Apr2022.

2020-2021 Tournament year Info

About this year from Ohio Kids for Creativity President Nate Woods:

Welcome to a new season of Destination Imagination!  
As you know, DI will look a little different this year, but our Ohio DI leadership team is committed to providing you a rewarding and educational tournament season!
To ensure the health and safety of our Ohio DI community, our Regional and Affiliate tournaments will be 100% virtual.  Although tournaments won’t be “live”, we know that solving and submitting challenges digitally presents an opportunity for our students to explore new realms of creativity!  
Our virtual tournaments will take place over the course of 2-3 weeks, with a few key dates that you need to be aware of.
ALL Regional Tournaments will kick off on Friday, February 5, 2021 with Instant Challenge.
  • Friday, February 5 – Instant Challenges will be released in the DI Resource Area
  • Monday, February 8Instant Challenges submissions due in the DI Resource Area
  • Friday, February 12 – One component of the Improv Challenge will be released for completion over the weekend
  • Monday, February 15 – Submissions for the Improv Challenge component will be due
  • Friday, February 19All Team Challenge submissions will be due
  • By Saturday, February 27 – Raw scores and sticky notes for Team Challenges will be sent to Team Managers.
  • By Wednesday, March 3 – Regional placings and awards will be announced through an online celebration.
Though this plan is subject to some flexing, we anticipate that these submission dates are final.
Our Affiliate Tournament will follow the same type of timeline and will kick off on Friday, March 5, 2021, also with Instant Challenge.
Additional virtual tournament information is available in Rules of the Road, Section 5 General Tournament Rules.  
All components of your team’s challenge solutions will be submitted through the DI Resource Area.  It is critical that you keep your team’s information updated in the Resource Area, including challenge, level, and all necessary contact information.  
We will be providing more information about tournaments between now and the end of the year.  Be on the lookout for more details coming from your Regional Directors, including tournament registration instructions.


2020-21 Programming Update from the Alumni Ambassadors

2020-21 Programming Update: This year, DI may only offer five Challenges: Technical, Scientific, Fine Arts, Service Learning, and Rising Stars.

Many of you have asked about the possible removal of the Improvisational and Engineering Challenges and have asked how you can submit your feedback to Destination Imagination, Inc.

If you would like to express you thoughts on this potential programming change, please reach out to the following:

Michele-Tuck Ponder, Executive Director

Johnny Wells, Director of Education

Louise Liddle, Board of Trustees Chair

We look forward to an exciting and creative 2020-21 season.

Post from the Alumni Ambassador Facebook Page.


It is with heavy hearts that we are announcing the cancellation of an in-person Global Finals event in Kansas City, Missouri for this season of Destination Imagination (DI). We made this decision based on guidance from the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control, state and local health officials, states of emergency that have been issued across the globe, the ever-expanding travel restrictions for schools around the world, and in light of the global developments over the past 48 hours.

However, we are excited to announce that we will be hosting a VIRTUAL TOURNAMENT. We are currently working on logistics for this event and we will be sharing information as it is finalized in the next couple of weeks. There will be a cost to participate in the Global Finals 2020 Virtual Tournament, but the cost will be significantly lower than traveling to Kansas City. Do NOT throw your props away!

The Global Finals 2020 Virtual Tournament will be open to ALL Destination Imagination teams. This includes any teams that did not get a chance to compete in their Regional or Affiliate Tournaments, as well as teams that have already competed at a tournament, regardless of the results of that tournament. Since this is a brand new experience for all of us, we want all teams to have the chance to showcase their work.

The Global Finals 2020 Virtual Tournament dates will not coincide with the original Kansas City dates (May 20-23). The submission timeline will be spread out over the summer. We do not have those exact dates planned out at this moment, but we hope to have more information on that soon.

There have been many questions in the past week regarding postponing Global Finals 2020 in Kansas City to a later date. Planning this large-scale, annual event takes a full year to complete and it is impossible for us to move it to a later date. It’s not that we didn’t want to postpone or that we didn’t try; it’s that we do not have that option.

As we said before, we are in unprecedented times. There are a lot of logistics to work out. We also know you have a lot of questions. We thank you for your patience as we work through these details and logistics. Questions will be answered and details will be communicated to our entire DI family as soon as they are available.

Stay tuned for more details!

Region 1 2020 Tournament has been canceled

So as you may have assumed, with the closing of schools and YSU we have had to put a halt on plans for the 2020 Region 1 Tournament at this time.
The Board still feels that if possible, we would like to hold a version of the Regional Tournament sometime prior to Global Finals so our teams can at least perform in front of appraisers and have a chance at a real IC experience. Possibly late April or early May.

As was emailed to many and posted on our Facebook site, 2020 Ohio State Tournament scheduled for April 4 at Centerville, OH was canceled late yesterday afternoon joining multiple Affiliates across the DI world in canceling their Tournaments.

As of today, Global Finals is still going to happen. It will be less Global than we’re used to. Monday, March 16 DII will be letting us know exactly how teams will be selected/invited to go to Kansas City for what will prove to be a very unique GF20.

In the meantime, what do we do?

Teams and Team Managers:
For teams who advanced to the Affiliate Tournament, DO NOT DISCARD YOUR PROPS and continue practicing your solutions and ICs! In the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing information about how teams can qualify to represent Ohio at DI Global Finals in Kansas City, May 20-23. State-qualifying teams will be getting more information about Globals from our Affiliate Director, Cinda Weisgerber.

Now, Region 1 is unique in Ohio as we are the only Region that didn’t get their Regional Tournament completed. To quote OKC President Nate; “Region 1 teams…we are working on some options for all of your teams too! Stay tuned!”

Appraisers and Volunteers:
To our registered Appraisers and Volunteers, THANK YOU for your support of our program. As mentioned above we would still like to have a “showcase” Tournament for our teams late in April or early in May, after all, we have programs, t-shirts, and Trophies to get rid of as well as three bins of the most fun IC Challenges we’ve had in years, so it would be a shame to waste it all.

Our board has worked long and hard on getting this together just as our teams have worked hard on their challenges. This has been a hard decision for all of us.
We want every single team member to know that this was a really tough decision for us. We know that it stinks! You have amazed and dazzled us with your creativity so far this year, and we can’t wait to see your awesome solutions later this spring, and in 2021!

Please stay safe and healthy.

Thanks for doing DI!
Ohio Kids for Creativity Region One
Sponsors of Destination Imagination in NE Ohio

News about the Tournament cancellation at YSU

Please stay tuned for developments.  Please visit our facebook page for the latest updates.

Recent Facebook post:

As you should no doubt be aware, YSU has closed it’s doors to all outside events including the 2020 Region 1 Tournament.
Your Regional Board has been checking on various scenarios and alternatives.

As of right now, all we can say is we will be postponing the Tournament to Saturday 3/21. Members of the board will be visiting our alternate site on Friday. Expect further communications about the 2020 Region 1 tournament late Friday or early Saturday. That communication will have details on what we’re planing. In the meantime keep the teams practicing and enhancing their solutions.

Message From the Director of Kilcawley- YSU

Important Message from the Director of Kilcawley Center.

When setting up and tearing down, I ask that you remind the DI staff and volunteers of the following:
Kilcawley Center is a conference/student center and our rooms have various finishes and flooring. The ONLY tape permitted to be used is masking tape, and you are only permitted to tape with masking tape to the cinder block walls and laminated doors. No one is permitted to tape to the glass, carpet, floors, wallpaper and drywall throughout the building and under no circumstance is scotch, duct, or packing tape permitted to be used anywhere in the center. We just recently hand several hallways, lobbies, and rooms painted.
Lastly, I ask that you remind the staff and volunteers to remind the DI participants, families, and friends that they are guests of the University and to be respectful of the building and campus, and to use caution when moving in and out props or decorations. In the past, we have had larger items damage walls, ceilings, and chandlers, and if they are looking to dispose of the aforementioned props, to ask the Kilcawley Center and cleaning staff for assistance. If dumpster space allows, we will be happy to accommodate the request. Please contact me with any questions or concerns. Thanks!
John L. Young
Kilcawley Center

Schedule 2020

Region 1 Tournament

March 14, 2020

Youngstown State University

 All Files are in PDF Format


Kilcawley Center - James Gallery


Beeghly Center - Upper Short Deck Room 325


Kilcawley Center - Ohio Room


Beeghly Center - Upper Short Deck Room 325


Kilcawley Center- Humphrey Coffelt


Kilcawley Center - Humphrey Coffelt


Kilcawley Center - Ohio Room

February 2020 Board Meeting

The Board will meet on Tuesday, 11 February 2020

7:00 pm meeting (6:30 pm to order dinner if you want it)


Financial Report will be emailed.

Denny’s Restaurant

Meeting room in Back
4020 Belmont Avenue
Liberty Township