Canfield Fair 2015 Event

Those of you who have attended spring Region 1 meetings may be aware that our Treasurer has been working with the Whispering Pines Boy Scout District and The Jr.Fair Board as well as DI-HQ to recreate an event at the BSA camping area of the Canfield Fair to promote Destination Imagination. A description of the event was on the Facebook page <> August 16.

So the Fair is this coming week. We are hoping to have our event are going from Friday Evening thru Monday at least noon- 9pm. To do this we’ll need some volunteers to help and to talk with interested parents about the program. About 350,000 people attend each year from all parts of the country, so this could really give the program some exposure. Another plus is that being with the Scouts means that if your team members are in any BSA program, they not only can get in free if in uniform, but can also camp overnight at the Fair!

Please donate some time for this, Come in your favorite DI shirt. Reply back to our Treasurer Bob Capp ( ASAP as to when you’ll be available and for how much time (we’d like a 2 hour minimum)


Canfield Fair event-
The Boondoggle Barrel Challenge we created for the Jamboree encouraged participants to use various scouting skills, including leadership and knot-tying skills. There were two teams per Challenge, and each team was required to transport and stack large plastic barrels in a 3-2-1 pyramid. Seems easy, right? Well, maybe not so much since the participants were not allowed to touch the barrels with their bodies. They could only use the rope we provided to pick up, transport and position the barrels. To make the Challenge more difficult, we added a blindfold factor. Each participating team was split into two groups and half of each group was blindfolded for the Challenge. Using their communication and leadership skills, the other half of the group had to communicate, from a distance, to the blindfolded teammates what they needed to do in order to pick up, transport and stack each of the six barrels.