2022 Affiliate Tournament schedule

As usual, for the benefit of R1 teams that want to support their fellow R1 teams,here is the teams Main Challenge start times for this upcoming Saturday. (TMs should have been getting information notifications from Vince, the Tournament Director.

Team #      Time  Chal. TC Room              Challenge Name            Team Name             Distr.  Team mgr 
135-00340   9:00    D   Lt-Blue-Imprv-ELSL   Improv: Festival Frenzy   Destination Creation  Warren  Nina Vaughn
135-99470   9:40    D   Lt-Blue-Imprv-ELSL   Improv: Festival Frenzy   3-5                   Warren  Cara Venetti
135-46017   10:00   D   Lt-Blue-Imprv-ML     Improv: Festival Frenzy   The Whatifz           Warren  Nina Vaughn
135-36339   10:40   D   Lt-Blue-Imprv-ML     Improv: Festival Frenzy   Lincoln 6-8           Warren  Brandi Gazso
135-48653   13:10  PO   Red-PO               Serv. Learng: For The Future                    Ygn     Jeanne Constantino

Support your Region 1 teams!  Don’t forget to stop by the basket raffle and 50/50 table!
See some of you Saturday, Others at the next Region 1 meeting  on 07Apr2022.