2019 OKC Schedule R1 teams

As a public service to those of you who want to support your favorite Region 1 teams at the OhioTournament this upcoming weekend (30 Mar is just a few days) at Beaver Local just down in Columbiana County (closest we’ve had an Affiliate Tournament since Boardman way, way back)

So here’s everyone organized by time of their main challenge (TC Time).

Team details Challenge Level TC Room TC Time IC Time
135-86263 PO- ML Lewis Center for Gifted Learning Sarah Reichard  Escape Artists ML H204 9:30 AM 10:44 AM
135-81882 PO- EL Howland Local Schools Amy Awaida  Escape Artists EL H206 9:40 AM 1:29 PM
135-04581 C- ML Joseph Badger Local Schools KELLY MULLIGAN  Game On  ML  AUD  9:55 AM 2:15 PM
135-42415 A- EL Lisa Dotson Lisa Dotson  On Target EL MSGYM1 11:00 AM 2:59 PM
135-64401 C- EL Joseph Badger Schools Lisa Ramsey  Game On  EL  M109  11:20 AM 1:42 PM
135-60500 D- SL Nicholas Gilanyi Nicholas Gilanyi  Heads Up SL M210 11:50 AM 9:11 AM
135-75366 C- SL campbell city schools dana king danielle broz Game On SL CHOIR 11:50 AM 9:19 AM
135-76201 PO- SL Howland Local Schools Amy Awaida  Escape Artists SL H202 12:00 PM 1:49 PM
135-29509 B- EL Howland Local Schools Valerie Meyers  Medical Mystery EL H104 12:30 PM 9:25 AM
135-69346 E- ML Lincoln PK8 School Warren City Erica Miranda  Monster Effects ML HSGYM2 1:40 PM 2:56 PM
135-69883 PO- SL East High School Jeanne Constantino  Escape Artists SL H202 1:40 PM 3:01 PM
135-35488 C- SL Joseph Badger Local Schools KELLY MULLIGAN  Game On SL CHOIR 1:50 PM 11:07 AM
135-97818 E- EL Joseph Badger Schools Josh Earls  Monster Effects EL HSGYM1 2:30 PM 11:30 AM
135-62919 D- SL Cara Venetti Cara Venetti  Heads Up SL M210 3:10 PM 1:59 PM

This is current as of the last posted schedule at OH-DI (Last updated 03/22/2019)

See you in IC.