2017 Ohio Affiliate Results


A: Show & Tech, Elementary Level
1G The Groovy Gang, Howland North Road Intermediate 135-44056
A: Show & Tech, Middle Level
7   Sebring BL Miller ES   135-54856
A: Show & Tech, Secondary Level
3G Di devils, Campbell Memorial HS 135-10041
6   Sebring McKinley HS  135-25228

B: Top Secret, Elementary Level
13 Campbell Elementary and Middle School 135-41202
15 Howland HC Mines  135-37855
B: Top Secret, Middle Level
B: Top Secret, Secondary Level
6   Summit Academy Youngstown Secondary 135-45029

C: Vanished!, Elementary Level
11  Sebring, BL Miller Elementary 135-08575
C: Vanished!, Middle Level
1G The 7 Bobs, Howland Middle School 135-70523
C: Vanished!, Secondary Level
4  Flaming Flamingos 2.0, Youngstown Early College  135-88317

D:3-PEAT, Elementary Level
D:3-PEAT, Middle Level
8   Cara Wyko Venetti 135-81244
D:3-PEAT, Secondary Level
13 Youngstown Chaney  135-31216
15 Joseph Badger HS  135-64859

E: In It Together, Elementary Level
E: In It Together, Middle Level
8 Joseph Badger MS  135-53711
E: In It Together, Secondary Level
6 Howland High School 135-58855

pO: Ready, Willing, and Fable, Elementary Level
pO: Ready, Willing, and Fable, Middle Level
pO: Ready, Willing, and Fable, Secondary Level
8 Youngstown East High School  135-03331
9 Joseph Badger Schools  135-75194

So we actually have 3 teams heading to GF in May! Watch this site and our Facebook page for announcements about fundraising effects so we can all assist these 3 representatives of our Region! Congratulations to all our teams who performed at the Affiliate Tournament.

Special Awards

Show and Tech EL – Groovy Gang, Howland North Road School, TMs: Tina and Lynn 135-44056

This team provided a Blast from the Past 50s Chevy to TV studio transformer.  The team had studied the ERA well, given backgrounds of the celebrities and “re-introduced” us to the 1950s actors and artists.
Vanished SL – Flaming Flamingoes, Youngstown Early College, TM: Gilanyi 135-88317

This team’s acting was very powerful and emotion provoking.  It was a very high quality, Academy Award level performance.  their vanishing act bamboozled the appraisers with its simple elegance.

In It Together SL – Super Smash Brothers, Howland High School 135-58855

We applaud the team for the high level of spirit, teamwork, volunteerism delivered during the tear down of their Challenge presentation area.  The team and the manager put away all the weights–this was over a half-ton–from the first floor to the second-floor weight room.