2013 Lost & Found

Every year there’s something that turns up, but this year it seems we hit the jackpot!

While packing the Tournament, the RD found the following items in a bag:

  1. Orange feather boa. Like the green one the RD was wearing, just not molting.
  2. Black Dan-skin exersize pants size S/Ch (6-6x) with silver stripe up outer leg.
  3. Orange (seriously orange) l.e.i low-rise skinny jeans in size 6x
  4. Orange girls t-shirt (hanes) size medium with “What’s up with You” on the front
  5. Black case, nylon about 10″x3″x.75″ tagged Phillips. Looks like from some electric device.
  6. Black, Abercrombe & Fitch winter vest, size small

To claim, call or email the RD or come by the next Regional meeting (2nd Thursday in April, Denny’s Belmont)