We are well underway in our Tournament.  The IC’s and Improv Challenges are being scored; the remaining Team Challenges are being submitted as we speak, with a deadline on this Sunday March 21 at 11:59
There will be a virtual awards ceremony live-streamed on Saturday April 3rd at 10 AM.  We chose an early start time since that is the day before Easter, and we wanted to give people time to travel and/or attend egg hunts.  After the event concludes, it will be available for viewing for those that missed the live-stream.
I will be sending an email to all the teams with the link, but I am waiting until after Sunday to send yet another email…
You will be able to see the live-stream here: https://fb.me/e/3FYfXHyOo
You can also go to this page https://www.facebook.com/OHDIAWARDS  and clicking Interested, or pull-down and click Going

Support the Region 1 Team!

By: Michele Tuck-Ponder, Executive Director

Hello DI Family,

Like many of you, I went grocery shopping this weekend. I am blessed to live in an area with supermarkets that have almost every kind of food store you can imagine. Low-cost discount? Check. High-end organic? Check. All-purpose for almost everything else you may need? Check.

The one unfortunate similarity in all the stores this weekend? The shelves housing toilet paper were empty.

As predicted, the pandemic has risen again with a vengeance. No matter where you live, wearing a mask, social distancing and keeping a healthy 6 feet between you and anyone else who lives outside of your immediate household is not only a good idea—it may save your life.

The good news is that there is an effective vaccine against Coronavirus in production as we speak, and we should all keep our fingers crossed, that by Spring 2021, a majority of Americans will have been vaccinated.

At DIHQ, we are optimistic that will happen and America—and the world—will be making its way back to normal. In anticipation of that good news, I am pleased (and excited) to announce that Global Finals 2021 in Kansas City, Missouri is in the works!! And that is something to celebrate.

As you might expect, we are planning a fantastic experience for Global Finals 2021! Global Finals will be held in-person in Kansas City, Missouri, from July 21-24, 2021. Delaying the event until the summer will help us plan more appropriately for COVID-19 safety precautions.

Of course, the safety of our participants remains our number one priority. Since the environment around COVID-19 remains fluid, we will release detailed, up-to-date safety measures on or before Monday, March 1, 2021. Of course, contingency planning is also underway should a change in plans become necessary.

Let me be honest—we are working with a ton of “what ifs” in planning Globals. This requires us to be nimble and pivot if we need to, and I ask for your patience and understanding as we do our best to move forward in planning this event. There are so many unknowns and factors out of our control that we just have to “roll with it” and problem-solve as planning progresses.

One of those “roll with it” moments is that this Challenge season and our Global Finals tournament will be a different experience from what you may be accustomed to. From solving and submitting virtually, to various formats for Regional and Affiliate Tournaments, we recognize that this season’s Challenge Experience is new. For Global Finals, your team will solve a brand-new and never-before-seen extension Challenge that builds off the themes of your Team Challenges. Global Finals Challenges will be solved in Kansas City.

Bonus! You will not be responsible for shipping any materials on-site to Kansas City. Everything you need will be there waiting for you!

Additionally, teams will have their 2020-21 Team Challenge solutions scored by Global Finals Appraisers and aired over the course of the week in Kansas City.

Three components will contribute to your team’s overall score and final ranking for Global Finals: your 2020-21 Team Challenge solution (including Central Challenge and Team Choice Elements), your 2021 Global Finals Extension Challenge solution, and your 2021 Global Finals Instant Challenge solution.

For more information and details, check out our FAQ page.

As always, thank you for your support and your participation. Navigating this pandemic has been the ultimate challenge for the DIHQ team. And for the record, I want to commend the DIHQ staff for working tirelessly (including on their days off and while on furlough without pay) to keep our program up and running. They are an extraordinary group of people, and I am honored to work with them.

Stay Healthy. Stay Creative.


Region 1
Ohio Kids
for Creativity

Participants in Destination Imagination ®



Region 1 is located in Northeast Ohio
and is comprised of Ashtabula, Trumbull and Mahoning Counties.

the people that make things happen in REGION 1


The most important people in DI. Get Started Today!


Our team managers provide an environment that encourages team work and creativity.


Our appraisers train to learn the Challenges and are a vital part of our tournament.


Our volunteers help with so many tasks on tournament day.


Challenge Masters are special folks. It’s their responsibility to see that each challenge at the Regional Tournament runs correctly with a fully trained set of Appraisers.

Board Members

Board members represent the membership and are a vital part of Region1. We ask that each District or School membership have an active member on the board.


The Executive Board is the elected board responsible for the affairs of the region. The Regional Director and Assistant Director represent our region in state affiliate meetings.

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Dates to Remember

(Pre-COVID) Board Meetings are  the 2nd Thursday each monthRegion 1 Board  (Denny’s Belmont @ I-80, 6:30 dinner, 7:00 Business) Exceptions are November 2019, December 2019 and February 2020. See Below


1-Nov 2020  – 1st set of 2021 Challenges available. (You must have a 2021 team number and TM must have a currently certified background check to download. See “Start A Team” page)
—Nov 2020 
Team Manager Training  Please register and use the online training on the DI Resource page. As always okcregion1.di@gmail.com is available to answer your questions.
?-Nov 2020  – November Board Meeting
1-Dec-2020 – 2nd set of 2021 Challenges available (D & E).
– December Board Meeting
15-Jan-2021Team Tournament Registration Deadline. (Estimated, depends on OKC Board decision)
15-Jan-2021(? TBD)  – Appraiser & Volunteer Form Deadline. The will be NO extensions as the Appraiser Assignment team will be making assignments so that the CM’s will know their staff and so the Appraisers can be informed of their assignments ahead of Training.

ALL Regional Tournaments will kick off on Friday, February 5, 2021 with Instant Challenge.
05-Feb-2021  – Regional Instant Challenges will be released in the DI Resource Area
08-Feb-2021  – Regional Instant Challenges submissions due in the DI Resource Area
12-Feb-2021  – Regional Improv Challenge will be released for completion over the weekend
15-Feb-2021  – Regional Improv Challenge component submissions due in the DI Resource Area
19-Feb-2021 – Regional Team Challenge submissions will be due
27-Feb-2021 – Regional Raw scores and sticky notes for Team Challenges will be sent to Team Managers.
– Regional placings and awards will be announced through an online celebration
Though this plan is subject to some flexing, we anticipate that these submission dates are final.

Our Affiliate Tournament will follow the same type of timeline and will kick off on Friday, March 5, 2021, also with Instant Challenge.
05-Mar-2021  – Affiliate Instant Challenges will be released in the DI Resource Area
08-Mar-2021  – Affiliate Instant Challenges submissions due in the DI Resource Area
12-Mar-2021  – Affiliate Improv Challenge will be released for completion over the weekend
15-Mar-2021  – Affiliate Improv Challenge component submissions due in the DI Resource Area
19-Mar-2021 – Affiliate Team Challenge submissions will be due
27-Mar-2021 – Affiliate Raw scores and sticky notes for Team Challenges will be sent to Team Managers.
– Affiliate placings and awards will be announced through an online celebration
TBD-2021 – Global Finals, 

Updated 09-Nov-2020 (Check back here and Facebook for updates)