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Welcome to 2022-2023 Destination Imagination. In quick news we have moved Regional meetings to 2nd Tuesday each month at the all newly remodeled Denny’s on Belmont Ave at I-80.
As usual, everyone is invited to these meetings. 


In an effort that we believe is meant to encourage new team memberships, DIHQ sent an interesting offer to Steve and Cinda for the state of Ohio. Here is the text of what they sent:
If you are looking for ways to recruit new teams, or just to make DI more accessible for existing teams, you are welcome to utilize Discount Team Numbers. Each Affiliate is entitled to use up to 25 Discount Team Numbers at a rate of $35 USD each.
Originally, Discount Team Numbers could only be used for first-time DI teams. However, we want you to use them in the way that will be most effective in Ohio. Maybe you want to use them to make DI more affordable for a specific school district. Perhaps you’d like your Affiliate to pay for them so you can give them away. It’s up to you!
The Executive Board met on Monday evening September 26th to discuss this offer and this is what we decided to do with this offer of Discounted Team Numbers.
1. Using our “Marketing Funds” we receive from DI, we are going offer these 25 Discounted Team Numbers to teams from every region with DI teams across the state.
2. Instead of offering a reduced charge of $35.00 per team membership, we are offering a “free” membership to the selected teams. This will be at no cost to the affiliate as we are considering this as marketing and thus is covered by the marketing funds allotted from DIHQ.
3. To qualify for this free membership, a team must submit an application on the OKC website or through this link: https://forms.gle/vq99csPNrLcpZufC6. With that submission, the team will enter the lottery.
4. The Executive Board will randomly select the teams on October 16th from those applications submitted by the October 15th deadline in this manner:
a. Each region will have two teams chosen randomly from teams who applied from their region.
b. The balance of our allotment of 25 teams will be randomly selected from the remaining teams that submitted applications.
c. If any region does not have two or more teams that applied for this opportunity, then that region’s remaining allotment of teams will go back into the general lottery pool.
5. This lottery will begin as soon as we have placed the information on the website. Vince has been working on this and it will be posted on Thursday, September 29th. The “winning” teams will be notified within a few days of the lottery selection.
6. Each Regional Director is responsible to publicize this program within their region and address any application questions from their teams. Please include the above application link in any correspondence sent to your team managers.
7. Once a team is selected from this lottery, they will be given a team number which they will use to register their team with DI.
8. Additional information for the teams to apply will be on the OKC website and application form.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.
Teri Skudlarek
OKC President 22-23

We are offering free info sessions online for superintendents, educators, school principals and administrators, after-school providers, and parents who would like to learn more about Destination Imagination and starting a team.

Click here to RSVP for an upcoming webinar. 

Or contact our office at info@dihq.org.


Looking for activities to keep your kids engaged?

Get a taste of DI. Download our 5 FREE STEAM Activities PDF and help your kids to explore, create and problem-solve. 




Region 1
Ohio Kids
for Creativity

Participants in Destination Imagination ®




Region 1 is located in Northeast Ohio
and is comprised of Ashtabula, Trumbull, Mahoning Counties.

the people that make things happen in REGION 1


The most important people in DI. Get Started Today!


Our team managers provide an environment that encourages team work and creativity.


Our appraisers train to learn the Challenges and are a vital part of our tournament.


Our volunteers help with so many tasks on tournament day.


Challenge Masters are special folks. It’s their responsibility to see that each challenge at the Regional Tournament runs correctly with a fully trained set of Appraisers.

Board Members

Board members represent the membership and are a vital part of Region1. We ask that each District or School membership have an active member on the board.


The Executive Board is the elected board responsible for the affairs of the region. The Regional Director and Assistant Director represent our region in state affiliate meetings.

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Dates to Remember

Tournament year 2023 Board Meetings are  the 2nd Tuesday each monthRegion 1 Board  (Newly remodeled Denny’s Belmont @ I-80, 6:30 dinner, 7:00 Business) 

01-Sep 2022  – 2023 Challenges available. (You must have a 2023 team number and TM must have a currently certified background check to download. See “Start A Team” page)
19 Nov 2022 or 02 Dec–  
Team Manager Training  Please register and use the online training on the DI Resource page. As always okcregion1.di@gmail.com is available to answer your questions.
31-Dec-2022 – Team Tournament Registration EARLY BIRD Deadline.
15-Jan-2023 – Team Tournament Registration Deadline.
31-Jan-2023  – Pin Order deadlines.
31-Jan-2023T-shirt contest form deadline.
01-Feb-2023  – Appraiser & Volunteer Form Deadline. The will be NO extensions as the Appraiser Assignment team will be making assignments on
                             02/07 or 08 so that the CM’s will know their staff and so the Appraisers can be informed of their assignments ahead of Training.
18-Feb-2023Advertising Form Deadline
18-Feb-2023 – Appraiser Training at TBD
04-Mar-2023 – Tournament @ TBD
11-Mar-2023 – Forms for Ohio DI Tournament due (non-compliance will cost Region 1 money)
01-Apr-2023 – Ohio DI Tournament, Barberton HS/MS
20-May-2023 – Global Finals, Convention Center, Kansas City, MO

Updated 02-Oct-2022 (Check back here and Facebook for updates)