2020-21 Programming Update: This year, DI may only offer five Challenges: Technical, Scientific, Fine Arts, Service Learning, and Rising Stars.

Many of you have asked about the possible removal of the Improvisational and Engineering Challenges and have asked how you can submit your feedback to Destination Imagination, Inc.

If you would like to express you thoughts on this potential programming change, please reach out to the following:

Michele-Tuck Ponder, Executive Director

Johnny Wells, Director of Education

Louise Liddle, Board of Trustees Chair

We look forward to an exciting and creative 2020-21 season.

Post from the Alumni Ambassador Facebook Page.

Region 1
Ohio Kids
for Creativity

Participants in Destination Imagination ®



Region 1 is located in Northeast Ohio
and is comprised of Ashtabula, Trumbull and Mahoning Counties.

the people that make things happen in REGION 1


The most important people in DI. Get Started Today!


Our team managers provide an environment that encourages team work and creativity.


Our appraisers train to learn the Challenges and are a vital part of our tournament.


Our volunteers help with so many tasks on tournament day.


Challenge Masters are special folks. It’s their responsibility to see that each challenge at the Regional Tournament runs correctly with a fully trained set of Appraisers.

Board Members

Board members represent the membership and are a vital part of Region1. We ask that each District or School membership have an active member on the board.


The Executive Board is the elected board responsible for the affairs of the region. The Regional Director and Assistant Director represent our region in state affiliate meetings.

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Dates to Remember

(Pre-COVID) Board Meetings are  the 2nd Thursday each monthRegion 1 Board  (Denny’s Belmont @ I-80, 6:30 dinner, 7:00 Business) Exceptions are November 2019, December 2019 and February 2020. See Below


1-Nov 2020  – 1st set of 2021 Challenges available. (You must have a 2021 team number and TM must have a currently certified background check to download. See “Start A Team” page)
—Nov 2020 
Team Manager Training  Please register and use the online training on the DI Resource page. As always okcregion1.di@gmail.com is available to answer your questions.
?-Nov 2020  – November Board Meeting
1-Dec-2020 – 2nd set of 2021 Challenges available (D & E).
– December Board Meeting
15-Jan-2021Team Tournament Registration Deadline. (Estimated, depends on OKC Board decision)
15-Jan-2021(? TBD)  – Appraiser & Volunteer Form Deadline. The will be NO extensions as the Appraiser Assignment team will be making assignments so that the CM’s will know their staff and so the Appraisers can be informed of their assignments ahead of Training.

ALL Regional Tournaments will kick off on Friday, February 5, 2021 with Instant Challenge.
05-Feb-2021  – Regional Instant Challenges will be released in the DI Resource Area
08-Feb-2021  – Regional Instant Challenges submissions due in the DI Resource Area
12-Feb-2021  – Regional Improv Challenge will be released for completion over the weekend
15-Feb-2021  – Regional Improv Challenge component submissions due in the DI Resource Area
19-Feb-2021 – Regional Team Challenge submissions will be due
27-Feb-2021 – Regional Raw scores and sticky notes for Team Challenges will be sent to Team Managers.
– Regional placings and awards will be announced through an online celebration
Though this plan is subject to some flexing, we anticipate that these submission dates are final.

Our Affiliate Tournament will follow the same type of timeline and will kick off on Friday, March 5, 2021, also with Instant Challenge.
05-Mar-2021  – Affiliate Instant Challenges will be released in the DI Resource Area
08-Mar-2021  – Affiliate Instant Challenges submissions due in the DI Resource Area
12-Mar-2021  – Affiliate Improv Challenge will be released for completion over the weekend
15-Mar-2021  – Affiliate Improv Challenge component submissions due in the DI Resource Area
19-Mar-2021 – Affiliate Team Challenge submissions will be due
27-Mar-2021 – Affiliate Raw scores and sticky notes for Team Challenges will be sent to Team Managers.
– Affiliate placings and awards will be announced through an online celebration
TBD-2021 – Global Finals, 

Updated 09-Nov-2020 (Check back here and Facebook for updates)