Hey Teams!

The Appraisers love wearing the shirts every year.

Also, the original design is used as the cover of the Tournament Program book! But for 2023 we probably will not be having this contest.
We still have shirts from our Covid-canceled 2020 Tournament. If we decide otherwise watch the web site and Facebook page.


2017 Shirt contest winner

2017 Winner

Hailee Fenlon of Badger Middle School

Artwork is the final draft from the shirt creator. We actually looked into glitter ink for the shirts, but it wasn’t available.

On the program book cover it appears as black on a Blue cover.




2016 Program Cover2016 Winner

Lissy Blair of Howland Middle School

The artwork (left) is a photo of the program cover.

To the right are a group of Appraisers wearing the finished shirts.




2015 Winner

Hunter Stout of Badger Middle School


The Artwork (far left) is the cover of the Program with the shirt design in its original colors.

The 2 appraisers are wearing the finished shirts in shades of blue on sky.

This was the year of 2 shirts. The Exec Board (without the knowledge of the Treasurer) had our shirtmaker design a special red shirt in memory of our recently passed RD. The shirt was worn by all Board members, RCMs, and Cindy’s family members who were Appraising at the Tournament.


2014 Shirt contest winner

2014 Winner

Lizzy Panic of Seaborn Elementary, Mineral Ridge


Artwork is 2nd draft from the shirt creator. We were deciding between grey shirts and red and chose grey.
The actual design is in color and because of our new program printer it appears in it’s original colors on the 2014 program book.



 2013 Winner
Chloe Cook of Howland Springs Elementary, Howland, OH!

2013 Shirt contest winner


Artwork is a reduced size version of the submitted artwork. As far as we’re aware, Chloe is the 1st Rising Star team member to win the shirt contest. Final shirts were black with image in sunny yellow (see the picture below of the A & E Challenge Masters in their shirts).







2012 Winner
Austin Kovalik of John F. Kennedy School, Lower Campus, Warren, OH!

Artwork is the 2nd (and final) pre-production image from the shirt producer. 2012 T-shirt design








2011 Winner
Anthony Buzzacco of Springfield Local High School!

The shirt was red with white print.

2011 T-shirt design